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Eikou Japanese Language School

Eikou Japanese Language School

We aim to foster human resources who can play an active role in the world, supporting not only language learning but also the dreams of each student with full strength. All staff members will do their best to support you with peace of mind.

Features of Eiko Education Japanese Language School School

Eikou Japanese Language School, Advantage Specialty

Living Ability Living in 
Japan and part-time work are supported by specialized faculty members.

By entering Japanese society and living Japanese, you can also learn Japanese living outside of class. It will make life from now on easier.

  • Teachers support the dream of a university with advanced academic ability 

    An experienced teacher will teach you to go on to college. We support non-Japanese skills such as interview practice. In addition, we also support in the form of recommendation admission system.

  • Staff with abundant career will follow in 1 to 1 social skills 
    job hunting activities.

    Train the manners and manners that you need to know at work so that you can become a full-time office worker.