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Japanese Class

Our Language Classes starts from 7.00 AM till 5.00 PM, from Sunday to Friday. Once student is admitted, we provide Free Books, Practice Copy and various print outs. We offer:

  • Japanese Language Beginner Course (Approximately 300 Hours)

Basic Sentence Patterns, Vocabulary, Conversation, Reading, Listening and Basic Kanji are taught.

  • Intermediate Course (Approximately 500 Hours)

Intensive Reading, Conversation, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary and N3-N2 Level Kanji are taught.

  • Special Classes (As per the requirement)

One-on-One classes or Group classes can be taken according to the necessity. This class is fruitful not only for those who seek to study in Japan but also for those who are going to Japan for various purposes like Dependent, Work, Visit, Business, Tourist Guides, etc.

  • Japanese Language Test Preparation

We offer Japanese Language Test Preparation classes prior Japanese Language Tests like JLPT, NAT-Test, Top-J, etc.


We take pride in claiming that KTM Educational Consultancy is the best institute for Japanese Language classes for the following reasons:

  • Highly qualified professional Japanese Language Teachers who are certified by the Japanese Government to teach Japanese Language to Foreign students
  • On-line communication practice through hi-tech software
  • Library facilities within the premises
  • Unlimited self-access, broad band internet facilities
  • Friendly and supportive staff members available for assistance at any time
  • Qualified professional counselors
  • Instructions through hi-tech multimedia

To be eligible to study in Japan the student:

  • Should be a +2 or equivalent graduate.
  • Should have studied Japanese Language for at least six months (160 hours).
  • Should have not been rejected before, either for the Japanese student visa or certificate of Eligibility.